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Are you a fan of the Beauty and the Beast characters? If so, then you’ll love this article about the top 10 Beauty and the Beast characters from the Disney adaptation! From the lovely protagonist, Belle, to the mysterious Enchantress who started it all, each of these characters has their own unique story to tell.

First up is Belle, the protagonist with a heart of gold. As the daughter of an eccentric inventor, Belle is often misunderstood by the villagers in her small town. However, when she meets the Beast, she sees beyond his exterior and learns to love him for who he truly is. Along the way, she shows bravery and kindness, making her a truly admirable character. Keep reading to find out more about the other fascinating characters that make up the world of Beauty and the Beast.

Beauty And The Beast Characters



Belle’s kind and compassionate nature not only endears her to the audience, but also sets her apart as a protagonist with a heart of gold. Her impact on the story is undeniable. From the beginning, Belle is shown as a selfless and caring person who always puts the needs of others before her own. Her love for her father and her desire to protect him from harm is what ultimately leads her to the Beast’s castle. Despite her initial fear and reluctance, Belle sees beyond the Beast’s outward appearance and recognizes the goodness in him. Her unwavering kindness and patience eventually leads to the Beast’s transformation and their happy ending.

Aside from her impact on the story, Belle is also known for her iconic outfits. From the simple blue dress she wears in the opening scene to the iconic yellow ballgown, Belle’s outfits are a reflection of her character. They are elegant, yet practical, and always reflect her personality. Belle’s outfits have become so famous that they have inspired countless Halloween costumes and even a line of Disney princess merchandise. Belle’s style is not only timeless, but also a testament to her character and her ability to be both beautiful and intelligent.

The Beast


As the story progresses, we see how the once menacing creature slowly transforms into a loyal friend. The Beast’s transformation is not just physical, but also emotional. At first, he is rude and stubborn, refusing to show any kindness to Belle. However, as time passes, he begins to let his guard down and opens up to her. Belle sees past his exterior and recognizes the good in him, which eventually leads to their love story.

The Beast’s transformation is a pivotal part of the Beauty and the Beast’s love story. Through Belle’s influence, he learns to love and be loved in return. He becomes kinder, gentler, and more empathetic towards those around him. Ultimately, it is his love for Belle that breaks the curse and transforms him back into a handsome prince. The Beast’s journey from foe to friend is a testament to the power of love and redemption.



Gaston’s arrogance and sense of entitlement make him the perfect antagonist in the story. He is the embodiment of toxic masculinity and believes that he is entitled to Belle’s affection simply because he is the strongest and most handsome man in the village. He sees the Beast as nothing more than a monster, and his pride and ego prevent him from seeing the Beast’s humanity. Gaston’s character is a study in contrasts when compared to the Beast. The Beast may have started as a foe, but he evolves into a friend through his kindness and willingness to change. In contrast, Gaston never learns from his mistakes and is ultimately consumed by his own arrogance.

Exploring Gaston’s arrogance: a character analysis reveals that his arrogance is deeply rooted in his belief that he is superior to everyone else. He is a hunter and sees himself as the provider and protector of the village. He is also a narcissist who craves attention and adoration. Gaston’s arrogance is the driving force behind his pursuit of Belle and his desire to defeat the Beast.



Lumiere, with his charming personality and French flair, adds a touch of warmth and humor to the dark and eerie castle. He is the charismatic candlestick who serves as the head of the castle’s staff, and his quick wit and humor never fail to put a smile on the faces of both the audience and the other characters in the movie. Lumiere’s love life is also an interesting aspect of his character. He is a hopeless romantic, constantly flirting with the other objects in the castle, especially with the feather duster, Plumette.

Lumiere’s French accent and suave demeanor make him one of the most memorable characters in the movie. He is known for his love of life and his infectious energy, which he brings to every scene he is in. Lumiere’s antics and comedic timing never fail to entertain, and his songs and dance numbers are some of the most beloved moments in the entire movie. Overall, Lumiere is a delightful character that adds a touch of levity and humor to the otherwise dark and serious story of Beauty and the Beast.



Cogsworth is the punctual pendulum clock who serves as the castle’s majordomo, adding a touch of order and structure to the chaotic staff. He takes his job seriously, often reminding everyone of the importance of sticking to the schedule. Cogsworth’s backstory is not revealed in the movie, but it can be inferred that he has been in the castle for a long time, given his position as the head of the staff.

In the plot, Cogsworth plays an important role in helping Belle and the Beast fall in love. He is initially hesitant about the Beast’s ability to change, but as he sees the two getting closer, he becomes a firm supporter of their relationship. Cogsworth’s transformation from a stickler for rules to a romantic at heart is one of the many heartwarming moments in the movie. Overall, Cogsworth is a beloved character who adds both humor and heart to the story.

Mrs. Potts

Mrs. Potts

As soon as the enchanted rose begins to wilt, Mrs. Potts, the motherly teapot, becomes increasingly worried about the fate of the castle and its inhabitants. She knows that time is running out and that if the Beast does not find true love before the last petal falls, they will all remain cursed forever. Mrs. Potts is always there to offer a cup of tea and a comforting word to those who need it. She is the glue that holds the enchanted objects together and does everything in her power to keep their spirits up.

Mrs. Potts: Tea Time Tales is a heartwarming story of a teapot who goes above and beyond to care for those around her. From her soothing voice to her warm embrace, Mrs. Potts is the epitome of motherly love and kindness. The evolution of her character is evident throughout the movie, as she transforms from a timid object to a strong and determined ally to the Beast. Without Mrs. Potts, the castle would not be the same and her unwavering dedication to her friends and family is truly inspiring.



Now that we’ve gotten to know Mrs. Potts, it’s time to turn our attention to her son, Chip. This curious little teacup is one of the most beloved characters in the Beauty and the Beast franchise, and for good reason. With his wide-eyed wonder and infectious enthusiasm, he’s impossible not to love.

If you’ve ever wondered about Chip’s backstory, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s quite a bit of information out there. In the original film, we learn that Chip was transformed into a teacup when he was just a young boy, and has been stuck in that form ever since. However, in the live-action remake, we get a little more insight into his character. We see him as a young prince who is cursed along with the rest of the castle’s inhabitants, and it’s his curiosity that ultimately leads to Belle’s discovery of the enchanted objects.

Of course, Chip is most famous for his role in the iconic “Be Our Guest” scene. As Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, and the other enchanted objects sing and dance for Belle’s entertainment, Chip flits about the table, pouring tea and adding his own playful touches to the performance. It’s impossible not to smile when he starts singing “I Wanna Be Like You” from The Jungle Book, or when he pops out of the teapot to exclaim “Ta-dah!” It’s moments like these that make Chip such a beloved character, and a vital part of the Beauty and the Beast story.



Meet Maurice, the creative father of Belle who is known for his love of inventing and his quirky personality. He is a skilled inventor, always tinkering with new ideas and gadgets in his workshop. Some of his most notable inventions include an automatic wood chopper, a music box that plays different songs depending on the weather, and a device that can translate animal sounds into human language. Maurice’s creative genius is evident in every invention, and his passion for inventing is contagious.

Aside from his love of inventing, Maurice also shares a close bond with his daughter, Belle. They have a unique relationship built on mutual respect and admiration. Belle often helps her father with his inventions, and Maurice values her input and creativity. He also supports Belle’s love of reading, even though it’s not something he fully understands. The father-daughter duo is a heartwarming example of the beauty of family bonds, and it’s clear that Maurice’s inventiveness and quirkiness have rubbed off on Belle, making her the strong and independent woman we know and love.


Le Fou

You’ll quickly notice LeFou, Gaston’s loyal sidekick, constantly by his side, always eager to please and support his friend. But it’s his unwavering loyalty that makes him a standout character in Beauty and the Beast. Despite Gaston’s dubious intentions, LeFou remains steadfast in his devotion to him, even risking his own safety to help Gaston achieve his goals.

But as the movie progresses, we see an evolution in LeFou’s characterization. He begins to question Gaston’s actions and motives, ultimately leading to a change of heart and joining the side of the Beast and his friends. This shows that while loyalty is important, it’s also crucial to stand up for what is right and not blindly follow someone’s lead. LeFou’s development reminds us that even the most loyal of friends can grow and change for the better.

The Enchantress


From the start of the story, the Enchantress sets the stage for all the events that unfold, leaving a sense of mystery and intrigue that captivates the audience. Her appearance at the beginning of the film is brief, but her impact is immense. She curses the selfish and arrogant prince, transforming him into a beast and setting the story in motion. But what are her motives? And what powers does she possess?

Unraveling the mysteries of the Enchantress is no easy task. She seems to have the ability to manipulate reality itself, as demonstrated by her curse on the prince. She also appears to be ageless, as shown by her appearance in the prologue and her reappearance at the end of the story. Her motives, however, remain a mystery. Was she seeking vengeance for some wrong done to her, or did she simply want to teach the prince a lesson? Whatever her reasons, the Enchantress remains a fascinating and enigmatic figure within the story of Beauty and the Beast.

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