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elden ring character classes

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Elden Ring is an upcoming action role-playing game that offers an impressive variety of Elden Ring character classes. Players have the freedom to build their character to their desired specifications, with 10 different classes to choose from. Each class has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, and the right build can make a big difference in the game.

In this article, we will explore the best strength builds in Elden Ring, from the heavily armored Vagabond to the classic Dexterity classes such as the Warrior and Bandit. We will also discuss the various magic spells and staves, as well as the potential for Eastern NPCs with katanas. By the end of this article, readers will have the knowledge and tools to create the strongest and most effective character possible.

Elden Ring Character Classes



Vagabond Elden Ring

The Vagabond class in Elden Ring is a heavily armored tank or powerful knight, making it an ideal choice for those looking for strong defensive builds. Players can choose from a variety of armor pieces that provide great protection, as well as increased mobility, making the Vagabond an excellent choice for PvP battles. In addition, the Vagabond’s role in co-op play is greatly enhanced by its ability to absorb damage for other players.

The Vagabond’s best weapon choices are swords and shields, as they provide a great balance of offense and defense. However, the Vagabond does have its weaknesses, such as its lack of ranged attacks, which can be overcome by using a bow or crossbow in combination with swords. With the right strategies, the Vagabond can be a powerful and effective class in Elden Ring.


Hero Elden Ring

With its large axe and light armor, the Hero class delivers an effective balance of power and speed. The Hero’s unique strengths make it a great option for players looking to get into the game quickly and have an enjoyable experience. The Hero is best suited for a wide range of weapons, from large axes and swords, to bows and crossbows. Its light armor allows for great mobility, allowing players to easily dodge enemy attacks and navigate tight spaces. Furthermore, the Hero is a great choice for co-op play due to its ability to take down enemies quickly and efficiently.

The Hero class stands out amongst other Berserker classes due to its strategic use of light armor. This gives it an edge in terms of survivability and mobility. Additionally, the Hero class has great potential for cosplay ideas, as it features a unique look that can be adapted to a variety of settings. The Hero stands out as a great class for those looking to enjoy Elden Ring with friends or solo, as it offers a great balance of power and mobility.


Warrior Elden RIng

Characterized by curved swords and bows, the Warrior class lends agility and finesse to Elden Ring combat. Warriors are a classic Dexterity class, and as such are best suited for quick and agile combat. However, Strength builds are also viable, depending on the situation. Best weapons for a warrior include curved swords, bows, and even daggers if the player is skilled enough. Strength builds are better for tanking and taking hits, while Dexterity builds are better for dealing damage. That said, a combination of both can be used to great effect, utilizing Strength for tanking and Dexterity for dealing damage.

PvP strategies for Warriors are varied, as they can be used either as a tank or a damage dealer. For tanking, the Warrior should focus on Strength and pick up a shield, while for damage dealing, the Warrior should focus on Dexterity and pick up a bow or curved sword. When it comes to boss fights, a combination of Strength and Dexterity is often the best option. Warriors should pick up a shield and a bow or curved sword, and focus on Strength for tanking while using Dexterity to quickly deal damage. With the right combination of Strength and Dexterity, Warriors can be formidable opponents in all types of combat.


Prophet Elden Ring

Specializing in Incantations, the Prophet class of Elden Ring offers powerful magic and tactical knowledge. Strategic players can create a powerful Prophet build by combining their magical incantations with a Strength build. This combination will enable players to use physical weapons in conjunction with powerful spells, allowing them to be both an offensive and defensive powerhouse.

For those looking for a unique experience, roleplaying as a Prophet can also be incredibly rewarding. The main challenge of playing a Prophet in Elden Ring is managing the cooldowns of spells and incantations. Knowing the best Incantations for Prophets and when to use them is key to success. By combining a Strength build with Prophet Build Strategies, players can create a powerful character capable of dominating any battlefield.


Wretch Elden RIng

The Wretch class of Elden Ring is designed for experienced players who desire a challenging experience, offering a unique mix of strength, spellcasting, and tactical combat. The Wretch has the ability to use powerful spells and curses to debilitate enemies, as well as relying on a mix of fast weapons and heavy armor to survive in combat. Mastering the Wretch’s playstyle in combat can be difficult, as it requires knowledge of when to use defensive or offensive strategies. Exploring the Wretch’s unique strengths and weaknesses can be key to success in Elden Ring, as it is important to know when to use spells or weapons for the best results in battle.

Tips for surviving as a Wretch in Elden Ring include combining offensive and defensive techniques, such as using spells to debilitate enemies while relying on heavy armor and fast weapons to protect the player. The Wretch’s role in co-op and multiplayer is important, as their support abilities can provide powerful buffs to allies while their curses can debilitate enemies. Knowing when to use spells or weapons is essential for success as a Wretch, and understanding how to use them in combination can be the difference between victory and defeat.


Prisoner Elden Ring

The Prisoner class in Elden Ring is a unique Dexterity build that requires players to be strategic and creative when building their strength. Prisoners wear diving gear reminiscent of the 19th-century and use curved swords, daggers, and bows. As such, players must focus on upgrading their equipment to maximize their effectiveness—forging better weapons, upgrading armor, and enhancing their gear’s attributes. Additionally, players must create a varied strength build with the Prisoner class, using a combination of light and heavy armor, as well as a combination of long-range and close-range attacks.

Players will also need to employ specific strategies for surviving as a Prisoner in boss battles. These strategies may include using stealth tactics to surprise opponents, quickly dashing away to avoid damage, or using powerful close-range attacks to exploit an enemy’s weak spot. Furthermore, learning the lore behind the Prisoner class can also provide players with an advantage in combat. For instance, exploring the Prisoner’s backstory and motivations can help players make informed decisions in battle. With the right strategies and equipment, the Prisoner can be a powerful force in Elden Ring.


Bandit Elden RIng

With an emphasis on stealth and agility, the Bandit class is a classic Dexterity build well-suited for using bows, daggers, and other ranged weapons. The Bandit’s stealth abilities make it a great asset for any team, allowing it to sneak up on enemies and surprise them with ranged attacks. The Bandit’s best weapons include bows, daggers, and other long-range weapons that can be used to deliver devastating damage from a distance. This makes it a great choice for players who prefer a more tactical approach to combat. However, the Bandit’s stealth abilities also come with some weaknesses: they are easily spotted in close quarters, and their ranged attacks are weak against enemies with high armor.

When compared to other Dexterity classes, the Bandit is a great choice for players who want to focus on ranged combat and stealth tactics. The Bandit’s agility and ranged attacks make it a formidable opponent when used properly, and its stealth abilities give it an edge against unsuspecting foes. However, the Bandit’s weaknesses should be taken into consideration when selecting a character class. Players should also consider the other classes available in Elden Ring, as they each have their own unique strengths and weaknesses.


Astrologer Elden RIng

After discussing the Bandit, a Dexterity class well-suited for using bows, daggers, and stealth, we now move on to the Astrologer, a wizard/caster character specializing in elemental magic. As one of the ten character classes available in Elden Ring, the Astrologer is a powerful ally in both PvP and PvE scenarios. Using elemental magic, the Astrologer has the ability to cast powerful spells, making them a formidable opponent in PvP strategies.

In addition, the Astrologer can choose from a variety of weapons, such as staves, wands, and orbs, to unleash devastating attacks. When it comes to armor combinations, the Astrologer can choose from a variety of light and heavy armors to best suit their playstyle. Furthermore, the Astrologer can be an invaluable asset in PvE boss battles, using their elemental magic to weaken the enemy and create openings for other players to exploit.


Confessor Elden Ring

Combining faith and dexterity, the Confessor is a character class that makes use of varied fighting styles and strategies. With its unique blend of skill sets, the Confessor is a versatile class that can be used for both PvP and PvE. When it comes to weapon choices, the Confessor is best suited for using curved swords, bows, and daggers. However, it is important to note that the Confessor can also make use of Glintstone sorcery. As for armor sets, the optimal choice for the Confessor is heavy armor, as it provides better protection.

Additionally, when it comes to stat allocation, it is important to prioritize dexterity and faith. This will allow the Confessor to make use of its full potential when it comes to both PvP and PvE strategies. When it comes to PvP tactics, the Confessor is well-suited for using bows and daggers in order to take down opponents quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, when it comes to PvE boss strategies, the Confessor can make use of its Glintstone sorcery to deal with enemies quickly and effectively. With its unique blend of abilities, the Confessor is a versatile character class that can be used for both PvP and PvE.


Samurai Elden Ring

The Samurai is a Dexterity class that incorporates the use of heavy armor. As a versatile fighter, the samurai is capable of both close quarters combat and long-ranged engagements. The signature weapon of the samurai is the katana; mastering the katana is an essential skill for any Elden Ring player. Honor is an important part of samurai culture, and it extends to the gameplay. As such, players must be mindful of their actions and maintain their honor to succeed as a samurai.

When compared to other Dexterity based builds, the samurai has a unique playstyle that requires a combination of precision and dexterity. Magic plays an important role in a samurai’s playstyle; many players use magic to bolster their offense and defense. These magic spells can be combined with the samurai’s agility and strength to create a formidable fighter. To successfully play a samurai in Elden Ring, it is important to understand the role of honor, master the katana, and incorporate magic spells into the playstyle.


The vast array of character builds in Elden Ring can be overwhelming. However, those with an interest in increasing their strength should consider the Vagabond, Hero, Warrior, Prophet, Wretch, Astrologer, Confessor, Samurai, and Glintstone Sorcery builds. Each build has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, and each character can be tailored to the player’s individual playing style. With the right combination of these builds, a player can create a powerful character that is capable of handling any challenge that Elden Ring throws at them. Ultimately, the decision of which strength build to choose is entirely up to the player. With the right combination of builds, they can create the perfect character that will have them prepared for any situation.

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