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High on Life Cast and Characters is a thrilling action-packed game that transports players to a world overrun by the G3 Cartel. As the protagonist, players must fight against various antagonists to save the planet, aided by a diverse cast of characters with unique abilities and personalities. The game’s central premise revolves around sentient firearms that serve as companions and primary weapons, providing an innovative twist on traditional gaming tropes.

The game’s cast of characters is a fascinating mix of individuals, each with their own backstory and motivations. From the brave soldier Lezduit to the smart and strong Sweezy, players will encounter a wide range of companions as they progress through the game.

This article will delve into the ten most notable characters in High on Life, providing an in-depth look at their personalities, abilities, and roles in the game’s overarching narrative. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the world of High on Life, this article is sure to provide valuable insights into the game’s universe and its captivating cast of characters.

High On Life Cast

Michael Cusack – Knifey


Michael Cusack’s character, Knifey, is a talking knife and former companion to Gene Zaroothian, one of the bounty hunters fighting against the G3 Cartel in the game’s universe. Knifey’s sharp tongue and wit add a level of humor to the game, making him a memorable and beloved character among fans. His quirky catchphrases and moments of comedic relief bring levity to the otherwise intense and action-packed gameplay.

Knifey was created by Michael Cusack, an Australian animator and voice actor. Cusack’s journey in the entertainment industry began with creating viral animations on YouTube, leading him to work on projects for Adult Swim and Comedy Central. Cusack’s unique sense of humor and comedic timing are evident in Knifey’s character, making him a standout among the game’s cast. Knifey’s impact on pop culture is undeniable, as fans continue to quote his memorable lines and express their love for the talking knife on social media.

JB Smoove – Gus


JB Smoove brings life to the character of Gus, a living shotgun with a built-in vacuum and the ability to launch discs into walls. As one of the sentient firearms in the game, Gus adds a unique element to the group with his comedic timing and personality. Exploring Gus’s backstory, players learn that he was created by a mad scientist who was experimenting with living weapons. Gus’s abilities and limitations are showcased throughout the game, with his vacuum being useful for collecting collectibles and his disc-launching ability being used in combat situations.

Gus’s relationship with the protagonist is that of a loyal companion, always by their side in battle and providing comic relief when needed. In the final battle, Gus plays a crucial role in defeating the main antagonist by using his vacuum to suck up the villain’s minions and his disc-launching ability to take down the boss. Gus’s comedic moments are scattered throughout the game, with his witty remarks and humorous quips adding to the overall charm of the game. Overall, JB Smoove’s portrayal of Gus brings a fun and entertaining element to the game’s cast of characters.

Laura Silverman – Lizzie


Laura Silverman delivers a nuanced performance as Lizzie, a survivor of the G3 invasion of Earth and the sister of a bounty hunter. Through her portrayal, Silverman brings depth to Lizzie’s character as she grapples with the trauma of a catastrophic event. Lizzie’s backstory is one of tragedy, but her survival skills and resilience are a testament to her strength.

Despite the horrors she has faced, Lizzie maintains a positive outlook and a sense of humor. She has a close relationship with her brother, who she relies on for support and protection. As the story progresses, it will be interesting to see how Lizzie’s personality traits develop further and how she copes with the challenges that lie ahead. Silverman’s performance has laid a solid foundation for the character’s future development.

Tim Robinson – Creature


Tim Robinson’s portrayal of Creature in the game brings a unique blend of horror and empathy to the forefront as players witness the aftermath of G3’s twisted experiments on this character and the tiny creatures they give birth to. Creature’s backstory is a tragic one, as he was once a normal being before G3 subjected him to cruel experiments that left him disfigured and traumatized. Despite his outward appearance, Creature possesses incredible abilities, including the power to give birth to tiny helpful creatures that aid the player in their journey.

Throughout the game, Creature’s development is evident as he slowly becomes more comfortable with the other characters and their mission to take down G3. Despite his initial fear and distrust, Creature ultimately becomes an integral part of the team, using his abilities to help the player navigate through dangerous situations. His impact on the overall story cannot be understated, as his tragic backstory and unlikely heroism serves as a reminder of the horrors that G3 is capable of and the resilience of those who stand against them.

Justin Roiland – Kenny


Justin Roiland’s voice acting brings life to Kenny, a Gatlian who was rescued from the G3 cartel invasion and became close friends with Lezduit. Roiland’s performance adds depth and complexity to the character, as his past experiences with the G3 and his friendship with Lezduit inform his motivations and actions throughout the game. Exploring Kenny’s backstory reveals his struggles with the G3 and the trauma he has experienced, which contributes to his determination to fight against them.

Kenny’s relationship with Lezduit is an integral part of his character development. Their bond is evident in their interactions, and their loyalty to each other is unwavering. As the game progresses, Kenny’s role in the fight against the G3 cartel becomes more significant. He uses his skills and knowledge to aid the protagonist and his companions, and his determination to take down the G3 is admirable. Overall, Justin Roiland’s voice acting and the exploration of Kenny’s backstory make him a compelling character in the fight against the G3 cartel.

Betsy Sodaro – Sweezy


Betsy Sodaro’s voice acting brings life to Sweezy, a character in the High on Life game who possesses unique abilities that make her a valuable asset in the fight against G3. Sweezy’s crystal powers, which enable her to slow down time and pierce armor, make her a formidable opponent and a vital member of the team.

Sweezy’s backstory is not fully explored, but she is portrayed as a smart and strong character who has endured hardship. She has a close relationship with other members of the team, particularly Kenny, Lezduit, and Gus. Despite the serious nature of their mission, Sweezy also provides comedic relief with her quirky personality and humorous moments. Overall, Betsy Sodaro’s portrayal of Sweezy adds depth and dimension to the character, making her a standout in the game.

Kevin McDonald – Dr. Giblets/Green Guy in Saloon


Kevin McDonald’s voice acting in the roles of Dr. Giblets and the green guy in the saloon adds depth and dimension to the characters, enhancing the immersive experience of the game. In his portrayal of Dr. Giblets, McDonald captures the character’s egotistical and ambitious nature, as well as his cunning and manipulative tendencies. Exploring Dr. Giblets’ motivations reveals his desire for power and control, as well as his obsession with developing advanced technology for the G3 Cartel.

As head of the research and development department, Dr. Giblets plays a crucial role in the G3 Cartel’s operations. His work on the warp base technology has the potential to give the cartel a significant advantage over their enemies. Away from the laboratory, McDonald’s comedic influence shines through in his portrayal of the green guy in the saloon. The significance of the saloon setting adds to the game’s western-inspired atmosphere. Analyzing the character development of the Green Guy shows how he evolves from a minor character to a valuable ally of the protagonist in the fight against the G3 Cartel. Overall, McDonald’s voice acting adds depth and complexity to these characters, making them integral parts of the game’s narrative.

Dave Herman – Gene


Dave Herman’s performance as Gene in the game is commendable as he adds depth to the character, portraying him as a former famous bounty hunter who now serves as a protege to the protagonist in the fight against the G3 Cartel. Throughout the game, Gene’s character development is evident as he forms strong relationships with other characters, including his mentorship of the protagonist and his interactions with Knifey. His backstory also informs his actions and motivations in the game, making him a well-rounded character who is not just a mere sidekick.

As the protege to the protagonist, Gene plays a crucial role in the fight against the G3 Cartel. His strategies for taking them down are well thought out and effective, making him an integral part of the team. His actions also have a significant impact on the other characters and the overall plot of the game. Dave Herman’s portrayal of Gene makes him a memorable character who is not just a supporting actor but an essential player in the game’s narrative.

Thomas Middleditch – Ranchy


Thomas Middleditch’s character, Ranchy, is a unique addition to the game’s cast of sentient firearms. Ranchy is a shotgun with a quirky personality and a surprisingly helpful vacuum built-in. Throughout the game, players have the opportunity to explore Ranchy’s backstory and learn more about the evolution of his character. As a companion to Lezduit, Ranchy plays an important role in the fight against the G3 cartel. Ranchy’s comedic moments throughout the series add a lighthearted element to the game’s otherwise intense storyline.

Ranchy’s relationship with Lezduit is a particularly interesting aspect of his character. The two have a close bond, and Ranchy often provides emotional support to his friend during difficult times. Ranchy’s unique abilities, such as his vacuum and disc-launching capabilities, are also invaluable in the fight against the G3 cartel. Despite his humorous moments, Ranchy proves to be a formidable companion in battle. Overall, Ranchy is a beloved character in the game’s cast and adds to the game’s overall sense of camaraderie and unity among its characters.


The world of High on Life is a captivating and action-packed one, filled with sentient firearms and a diverse cast of characters. From the brave soldier Lezduit to the smart and strong Sweezy, each character brings their own unique abilities and personalities to the table, making for an engaging and immersive experience.

Michael Cusack’s Knifey, JB Smoove’s Gus, Laura Silverman’s Lizzie, Tim Robinson’s Creature, Justin Roiland’s Kenny, Kevin McDonald’s Dr. Giblets/Green Guy in Saloon, Dave Herman’s Gene, Mary Mack’s Jor, and Thomas Middleditch’s Ranchy all play a vital role in the game’s storyline. Whether players are looking for a fierce warrior or a witty sidekick, there is a character for everyone to enjoy.

Overall, High on Life’s cast and characters serve as a testament to the game’s immersive world-building and engaging storyline. With each character bringing their own unique abilities and personalities to the table, players are sure to find a companion that they connect with and enjoy. If you’re looking for an action-packed and immersive gaming experience, look no further than High on Life.

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