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Ever wondered why horses, those magnificent beasts of burden and beauty, trot their way into the heart of anime?

It’s not just about their sleek manes or the thunderous clap of hooves; it’s about the journey, the adventure, and sometimes, the sheer absurdity. Horses in anime aren’t just transportation; they’re characters, symbols, and sometimes, comic relief.

So, why not saddle up as we embark on this gallop through anime’s representation of horses? Hold on to your reins; this isn’t your typical trot through the meadow.

Horses in Anime Series


Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s throw some hay into the mix—statistics, that is. You might be surprised to learn that horses appear in over 50% of historical and fantasy anime genres.

Why? Because nothing screams “epic journey” quite like a horseback ride into the sunset. And while exact numbers on horse-related anime might be as elusive as a wild Mustang, one thing’s for sure: when it comes to screen time, these equine stars often steal the show.

The representation of horses in anime series varies a lot. We have traditional anime series where horses are presented just the way they are, and we have other anime series that include a bit of fantasy from creating an eight-legged horse, to horse robots, and machines.

This means that watching an anime feels like you are watching the Kentucky Derby. If you are not aware of what is the Kentucky Derby check it out here:

Unfortunately, there aren’t many anime made around horse racing apart from Fanfare of Adolescence and Uma Musume Pretty Derby.

How Are Horses Incorporated in Anime

Yowamushi Pedal

In historical anime, horses aren’t just animals; they’re legends. Take “Sengoku Basara,” where horses leap into physics-defying action, or “Vinland Saga,” where they carry warriors into battle with stoic grace.

These aren’t your grandma’s carriage horses; they’re powerful, almost mythical beings that embody the spirit of the era they represent. Historical accuracy? Optional. Sheer awesomeness? Mandatory.

Horse Fantasy in Anime

Fantasy anime takes the horse and, quite literally, gives it wings. From the majestic Pegasus in “Saint Seiya” to the nightmarish steeds of “Berserk,” these creatures transcend their earthly bounds. But it’s not all about the spectacle.

In “The Ancient Magus’ Bride,” horses symbolize freedom, mystery, and a connection to a world beyond our own. Here, horses are not just transported; they’re portals to the unimaginable.

Horses in Today’s Anime


You’d think that with all the cars and motorcycles in modern anime, horses would take the back seat. Think again.

Yowamushi Pedal” might glorify bicycles, but then comes a show like “Durarara!!” throwing in a headless rider on a motorcycle that’s, ironically, more horse-like than any bike could hope to be. It’s as if anime says, “Why choose horsepower when you can have the power of an actual horse?”

Yes, we are seeing the use of motorcycles and modern means of transport more, but there are still many anime series that stick to the old roots and incorporate horses. It all depends on the timeline.

When Horses Steal the Laughter

And now, for a bit of horsing around. Anime has a knack for turning the majestic into the hilarious. Ever seen a horse with the face of a man in “Pop Team Epic”? It’s as absurd as it sounds, blending comedy with a touch of existential dread.

Or what about the infamous horse punch in “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”? It’s moments like these that remind us: in anime, horses can be anything from noble steeds to the butt of the joke.


However, since most anime include horses, not all of them steal the action. Some horses are more popular than others.

If you’ve watched Legend of Basara, then you probably remember Yato. This is a loyal and devoted horse that always travels with Sarasa.

And then we have One Piece, one of the most popular anime series that recently was recreated in a real-actor series on Netflix. But do you remember the horse?

Yes, we have Farul, which is a big and strong horse that shares a close connection to his owner, Cavendish.

Farul is a horse known for his stamina, and one of few horses that can carry more than two people, as we’ve seen a scene where Farul carries, Kyros, Luffy, Law, and Cavendish at the same time!

Marengo is an important horse in the anime Walkure Romanze. The jousting sport is the focus of this series, and Marengo, one of the steeds, is essential to the action.

Marengo is a horse that sticks to the rules and values of the knights he serves. He is a loyal and calm horse that always follows directions.

Maron on the other hand, is a horse that appears in the anime Silver Spoon, and plays a significant role in the series’ examination of agricultural life. Maron assists Hachiken, the main character, in realizing the obligations involved in taking care of another person.

One of the characters from Digimon Tamers is Indramon, the Horse Deva. Indramon is a formidable Digimon that possesses the strength and speed of a horse.


Q: Have horses always been this prominent in anime?

A: Like any good trend, the presence of horses has had its ups and downs, galloping into the spotlight in some eras while trotting quietly in the background in others.

Q: Are there any anime focused solely on horses?

A: While not as common, shows like “Silver Spoon” and “Uma Musume: Pretty Derby” put horses (and horse girls) front and center, proving that these creatures have more to offer than just a ride.

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