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The world of Street Fighter characters is vibrant and exciting, populated with a colorful cast that has captivated gamers for decades. From iconic fighters like Ryu and Chun-Li to the more recently introduced Ken Masters and M. Bison, these characters have been the show’s stars since the series began. In this article, we will explore the 10 most popular Street Fighter characters, from Guile to Vega, from Balrog to Dhalsim, and from Zangief to the grand dame of the series, Chun-Li.

These characters have a unique look and personality and have made a massive impact on video gaming.

Street Fighter Characters



Originating from Japan, Ryu is a well-known figure in fighting-style video games. He is the main character of the popular fighting game Street Fighter and is considered one of the most iconic characters in gaming history. Ryu’s origin story is filled with a great deal of mystery, but what is known is that he is a martial artist dedicated to becoming the strongest fighter. He has a strong dedication to his training and is willing to challenge anyone who stands in his way.

Ryu’s fighting style is heavily influenced by his master, Gouken, who taught him the art of Ansatsuken. This fighting style is focused on using powerful strikes and unique movements, allowing Ryu to fight with great agility and speed. Ryu also has access to various special moves, making him a formidable opponent in any battle. With his iconic Hadouken fireball and powerful Shoryuken uppercut, Ryu has become a beloved character in video games.


Chun Li

Making her first appearance in Street Fighter II, Chun-Li is a memorable character in the iconic fighting game franchise. She has become an iconic figure in the fighting game genre, being the first female character to be featured in a fighting game. Her backstory is that of a determined Interpol officer who is driven to avenge her father’s death. This gives her character a unique edge within the game, as she is a female character fighting for justice.

Chinese martial arts influenced Chun Li’s fighting style; she is one of the series’ most agile and acrobatic characters. Her moveset includes powerful kicks and lightning-fast attacks, making her a formidable opponent. She can also use her mighty Lightning Kick, which is the character’s signature move. This move can damage multiple opponents, making her a dominant force in the game. Chun Li is also a popular choice for cosplay, and her popularity grows with each installment of the Street Fighter franchise.

Ken Masters

Ken Masters

As one of the most recognized Street Fighter characters, Ken Masters is renowned for his exaggerated and acrobatic fighting style. He is a rival and former training partner of Ryu, the main character of the Street Fighter series. Ken is the second character to be introduced in the original Street Fighter game, and his backstory is that he is the wealthy son of a wealthy American businessman. Ken’s fighting style is based on karate and incorporates a variety of moves, such as shoryuken, hadouken, and tatsumaki senpukyaku.

Ken is well-balanced, possessing a wide range of abilities that allow him to attack and defend. He has a strong offense and a fast movement speed, but his defense is slower. His strengths include his powerful special moves and an ability to combo his attacks easily. However, he lacks a powerful projectile attack, and his defense is weaker than many other characters. Overall, Ken Masters is a powerful fighter with an entertaining and recognizable combat style, making him one of the most popular characters in the Street Fighter series.

M. Bison

M Bison

M. Bison is a powerful and influential antagonist in the Street Fighter series, renowned for his aggressive and malicious fighting style. He is a central figure in the Street Fighter universe due to his dominance over the organization known as Shadaloo, which he uses to carry out his plans for world domination. His intimidating presence has captivated players, making him one of the most popular Street Fighter characters.

M. Bison’s character provides a unique challenge for players due to his powerful attacks and strong defensive capabilities. His pros and cons can be difficult to assess, as his attacks can be difficult to predict and counteract. He has become a symbol of strength and determination in the gaming community, inspiring players to challenge themselves and strive for excellence. His presence has also contributed to the evolution of the series, as the developers have continued to modify his character to ensure that he remains a formidable foe.



Guile is a major character in the Street Fighter series, notable for his hard-hitting and strategic fighting style. His vast array of special moves has earned him the nickname ‘The Living Weapon,’ as he is known to quickly and effectively take down opponents with relative ease. His popularity among players is evidenced by his inclusion in the most recent Street Fighter V game, which made him the first to be released as a DLC character.

Guile’s backstory is that he is an American Major in the United States Air Force determined to take down M. Bison and Shadaloo. His fighting style is heavily based on the martial art of “Sonic Boom,” combining Muay Thai, boxing, and judo. It is characterized by its heavy reliance on powerful punches and kicks and various special moves to incapacitate opponents quickly. Guile is also known for his defensive style of play, which can be used to bait opponents into making mistakes.



Having discussed the popular Street Fighter character, Guile, the focus now turns to another iconic character, Blanka. This fierce fighter hails from Brazil and is well-known for his green skin and orange hair. It is important to explore Blanka’s origins to understand the character better.

In the Street Fighter II video game, Blanka is depicted as an orphaned feral child raised in the Amazon Rainforest. After being separated from his mother, Blanka was forced to survive in the wilderness and eventually developed his unique powers and abilities. Examining Blanka’s powers and abilities gives insight into the character. Blanka can generate electric shocks from his body, which he uses to shock his opponents. He can also roll his body into a ball to attack his opponents. Additionally, he can climb walls, making him a formidable fighter in the Street Fighter series.



Akuma is a powerful and dangerous fighter in the Street Fighter series, renowned for his dark and mysterious abilities. He is the brother of Ryu and Gouken and has been a major part of the Street Fighter storyline since his first appearance in Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Akuma’s origin story is that he was born as the son of a priest of the Satsui no Hado, a powerful form of martial arts. He is said to have mastered the art to the point of using it to manipulate people’s minds and bodies.

Akuma’s powers and abilities include using the Satsui no Hado, his mastery of martial arts, and his ability to use the Raging Demon technique. This powerful move can kill any opponent. Akuma also possesses a special move called the Shun Goku Satsu that can instantly kill an opponent. His powers are so great that he earned the nickname Demon of the Shoryuken. Akuma is one of the most powerful and dangerous characters in the Street Fighter series and is a formidable foe for any fighter.



With his mask and claw, Vega is one of the most visually striking characters in the Street Fighter series, a fact that is further accentuated by his acrobatic fighting style that employs poetic imagery. Vega is a masked Spanish ninja from the Madrileño branch of the Shadoloo organization. As a result, his backstory is closely tied to the crime syndicate and its leader M. Bison. Vega is a skilled fighter who uses martial arts and acrobatics to attack his opponents.

His fighting style is elegant and deadly, using his signature claw to deliver powerful strikes. He is also notable for his ability to cling to walls and ceilings in mid-air to gain the upper hand against his opponents. His penchant for taunting his opponents further highlights his fighting style, adding a unique flair to his combat. In short, Vega is a formidable opponent in the Street Fighter series, and his combination of athleticism, theatrics, and lethal precision make him a memorable character in the series.



Vega is a Spanish ninja who also uses the alias ‘Claw.’ He is a major antagonist in the Street Fighter series. He is a master of Spanish Ninjutsu and has a personal agenda against Ryu, the main protagonist. His signature move is the ‘Crimson Terror’, where he throws a long-range energy wave at his opponent.

Balrog is another major antagonist in the Street Fighter series. He is an American boxer known for his brute strength and aggressive fighting style. Balrog’s origin story has him as a former professional boxer with his license revoked after viciously attacking his opponent in the ring. As a result, he turns to the world of organized crime to make money.

Balrog’s fighting style is based on boxing, using many of the same punches and powerful strikes he had used in his former career. He is also able to use powerful shoulder tackles and throws that make use of his immense strength. In addition, he can also use his fists to throw energy projectiles at his opponents.



Dhalsim is a yogi from India renowned for his unique fighting style and range of special abilities. He is one of the most iconic characters in the Street Fighter franchise, featured in nearly every Street Fighter title released since his debut in Street Fighter II. In terms of his martial arts, Dhalsim is said to be a master of Yoga, which he uses to supplement his fighting style. His moveset consists of various kicks, punches, fireballs, and teleports.

Dhalsim also can stretch his limbs to attack from long range and perform yoga-infused attacks such as the Yoga Blast and Yoga Flame. In terms of his history, Dhalsim is a pacifist who fights to protect his family and village from harm. He has dedicated his life to his faith and village, and his ultimate goal is to use his fighting skill to extend his spiritual growth.



Dhalsim, a popular character from the Street Fighter series, is known for his long-reaching attacks and his ability to teleport. Similarly, Zangief is another popular character from the Street Fighter series. He is known for being a powerful wrestler with various grappling moves.

Zangief originates from the Soviet Union and is a national hero. He has a unique moveset that is built around grappling and close combat. His most iconic move is his spinning piledriver, which involves him grabbing the opponent and spinning them around before slamming them into the ground.

He also has a wide variety of throws, suplexes, and slams, making him one of the strongest characters in the game. In addition, his V-Skill and V-Trigger move gives him many options to deal with different opponents.


The Street Fighter franchise is a classic series of fighting video games that have been beloved for decades. It features various characters, each with unique moves, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken Masters, M. Bison, Guile, Vega, Balrog, Dhalsim, and Zangief are all iconic characters in the series. Together, they represent a diverse array of fighting styles and personalities, making them some of the most popular characters in the series. Whether for tournament play or casual gaming, these characters provide plenty of fun and challenges for players of all skill levels.

As the series evolves, these characters will remain timeless classics that will continue to inspire gamers for years to come. Their impact on the gaming world can not be overstated, and they will continue to be remembered fondly as some of the greatest video game characters ever created.

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