7 Powerful Diablo 2 Resurrected Character Classes




diablo 2 resurrected character classes

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In the shadowed realm of Sanctuary, heroes rise from all corners of the land, each wielding unique abilities and harboring untold stories. “Diablo II: Resurrected” is not just a game—it’s a tapestry of tales, interwoven with threads of bravery, magic, and darkness. As the forces of evil gather strength, a diverse group of warriors steps forward, ready to face the infernal challenge.

From the arcane prowess of the Sorceress to the spiritual might of the Paladin, each character offers a distinct journey and playstyle. In this article, we delve deep into the heart of each hero, exploring their origins, abilities, and the legends that surround them. Join us as we journey through the annals of “Diablo II: Resurrected,” celebrating the champions that have become iconic in the world of action role-playing games.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Character Classes



Origin: The Barbarians hail from the harsh, snowy Mount Arreat region in the northern part of the Sanctuary. They are a proud and noble race of warriors with a deep spiritual connection to their homeland.

Appearance: The Barbarian is a massive, muscular warrior, often seen wielding large weapons in each hand. Their attire is rugged, consisting of furs, leathers, and metal armors, reflecting their mountainous origins.

Gameplay and Abilities:

  • Combat Masteries: The Barbarian can specialize in different weapon masteries, making them more proficient with specific types of weapons, such as swords, maces, or polearms.
  • Warcries: These are a set of skills that allow the Barbarian to buff himself and his allies or debuff enemies. Examples include “Battle Orders” which increases life, mana, and stamina, and “Howl” which scares away enemies.
  • Combat Skills: This skill tree focuses on direct combat abilities. The Barbarian can perform powerful attacks like “Whirlwind,” where he spins around, hitting all nearby enemies, or “Leap Attack,” allowing him to jump and strike foes from a distance.

Unique Mechanic: The Barbarian is the only class in “Diablo II” that can dual-wield any combination of one-handed weapons, giving players a lot of flexibility in weapon choices.

Lore: Barbarians are the guardians of Mount Arreat, where the Worldstone is located. This stone is vital to the safety of the world of Sanctuary. The Barbarians’ primary duty is to protect this stone from any threats. Their culture is deeply rooted in traditions, rituals, and a code of honor.

In summary, the Barbarian is a fierce melee combatant, capable of withstanding a lot of damage and dealing devastating blows to his enemies. Whether you choose to master his combat skills, specialize in weapon masteries, or support your team with warcries, the Barbarian offers a versatile and powerful playstyle.



Origin: The Paladins are holy warriors hailing from the Church of Zakarum in the eastern city of Kurast. They are on a mission to cleanse the world of evil, guided by their unwavering faith.

Appearance: The Paladin is a knight in shining armor, often seen with a shield and a one-handed weapon. His attire is regal, adorned with symbols of faith, reflecting his religious background.

Gameplay and Abilities:

  • Combat Skills: This skill tree focuses on melee attacks infused with holy power. Skills like “Zeal” allow the Paladin to strike multiple enemies in rapid succession, while “Vengeance” adds elemental damage to his attacks.
  • Defensive Auras: These are passive skills that provide various buffs to the Paladin and his allies when activated. For example, “Prayer” gradually heals over time, and “Defiance” increases defense.
  • Offensive Auras: These auras, when activated, enhance the Paladin’s and his allies’ ability to deal damage. “Might” increases physical damage, while “Holy Fire” adds fire damage to attacks.

Unique Mechanic: The Paladin’s auras are a defining feature. Only one aura can be active at a time, but it affects both the Paladin and nearby allies. This makes the Paladin a valuable team player in multiplayer games, as his auras can significantly boost the team’s capabilities.

Lore: Paladins are zealous clerics who are trained to combat the forces of darkness. They believe in the teachings of the Church of Zakarum and are determined to vanquish evil from the world. Their faith is their greatest weapon, and they use it to empower their combat abilities and protect the innocent.

In summary, the Paladin is a divine warrior who strikes a balance between offense and defense. His auras make him a versatile character, able to adapt to various situations, whether he’s playing solo or in a group. His unwavering faith and commitment to the light make him a beacon of hope in the dark world of Sanctuary.



Origin: The Assassins are members of the Viz-Jaq’taar Order, trained from a young age by the Clans of the Viz-Jaq’taar in the art of stealth, discipline, and assassination. They are deployed by the Mage Clans of the East to hunt down rogue mages and maintain a balance of power.

Appearance: The Assassin is a nimble and agile warrior, often seen with claw weapons and wearing light, protective gear that doesn’t hinder her movement. Her attire is sleek and functional, designed for stealth and quick strikes.

Gameplay and Abilities:

  • Martial Arts: This skill tree focuses on charge-up skills and finishing moves. The Assassin can build up charges with certain attacks and then release them in a powerful finishing move. For instance, “Dragon Talon” is a kick that releases charges, and “Tiger Strike” builds up damage for subsequent attacks.
  • Traps: The Assassin can deploy various traps to damage or control enemies. “Lightning Sentry” is a trap that shoots lightning at foes, while “Wake of Fire” creates a line of flames.
  • Shadow Disciplines: This tree enhances the Assassin’s stealth and utility abilities. Skills like “Burst of Speed” increase her movement and attack speed, while “Cloak of Shadows” blinds nearby enemies.

Unique Mechanic: The Assassin’s charge-up system in her Martial Arts tree is unique. She can perform specific attacks to build up to three charges and then unleash them with a finishing move for various effects.

Lore: The Viz-Jaq’taar Assassins are a mysterious order, working behind the scenes to maintain equilibrium in the world of magic. They are not only trained in physical combat but also have a deep understanding of arcane arts, which they use to track and eliminate rogue spellcasters.

In summary, the Assassin is a versatile and tactical character, blending her martial prowess with trap-setting and shadowy disciplines. Whether engaging enemies up close with her claws or controlling the battlefield with her traps, the Assassin is a master of adaptability and surprise, making her a deadly adversary in the world of Sanctuary.



Origin: Druids hail from the rugged and isolated region of Scosglen, located in the far north. They are part of a vast system of barrows and underground passages known as the “Druid Colleges.” Druids are keepers of nature and harness its raw energy in their battles.

Appearance: The Druid has a wild and primal appearance, often seen with a beard and long hair, adorned with furs and pelts. His attire reflects his deep connection to nature and the elements.

Gameplay and Abilities:

  • Elemental: This skill tree allows the Druid to summon the forces of nature to damage his enemies. Skills like “Tornado” and “Volcano” let him harness the power of wind and earth to wreak havoc.
  • Shape Shifting: The Druid can transform into different animals, granting him new abilities and enhancing his combat prowess. For instance, he can become a “Werewolf” for faster attacks or a “Werebear” for increased durability.
  • Summoning: The Druid can call upon nature’s allies to aid him in battle. He can summon ravens, wolves, and even grizzly bears to fight alongside him.

Unique Mechanic: The Druid’s shape-shifting abilities are a defining feature. Depending on the form he takes, his playstyle can change dramatically, offering a versatile approach to combat.

Lore: Druids are deeply connected to the world around them, drawing power from the earth, wind, and stars. They believe in a delicate balance between man and nature and strive to maintain this equilibrium. While they are peaceful by nature, they will fiercely defend the land and its creatures from any threats.

In summary, the Druid is a master of nature and the elements. Whether he’s summoning the forces of nature, transforming into powerful beasts, or calling upon animal allies, the Druid offers a unique and dynamic playstyle, allowing players to adapt to various challenges in the world of Sanctuary.



Origin: The Amazons are a warrior society hailing from the Twin Seas’ Skovos Isles. They worship the goddess Athulua and are trained from a young age in the arts of combat, discipline, and honor. Their society is matriarchal, and they are known for their skilled archers and spear-wielders.

Appearance: The Amazon is a tall, athletic warrior, often seen with a bow, javelin, or spear. Her attire is a mix of lightweight armor and tribal adornments, reflecting her island origins and the warrior culture of her people.

Gameplay and Abilities:

  • Bow and Crossbow Skills: This skill tree focuses on ranged combat. The Amazon can unleash skills like “Multishot,” which fires multiple arrows at once, or “Guided Arrow,” which homes in on its target.
  • Passive and Magic Skills: These skills enhance the Amazon’s abilities or provide magical effects. For instance, “Dodge” allows her to avoid melee attacks, while “Valkyrie” summons a powerful warrior spirit to fight alongside her.
  • Javelin and Spear Skills: This tree enhances the Amazon’s prowess with javelins and spears. Skills like “Charged Strike” imbue her javelin with lightning, and “Impale” delivers a powerful thrust with her spear.

Unique Mechanic: The Amazon’s versatility in both ranged and melee combat is a standout feature. Depending on the player’s choice of skills, she can be a deadly archer from afar or a skilled spear-wielder up close.

Lore: The Amazons believe they are the chosen people of their goddess, Athulua. They are tasked with defending the world from the forces of darkness and chaos. Every few years, the Amazon people send their warriors into the world to test their skills and mettle, ensuring they remain sharp and vigilant.

In summary, the Amazon is a versatile and agile warrior, capable of adapting to both ranged and melee combat scenarios. Her deep connection to her goddess and her warrior culture makes her a formidable opponent against the forces of evil in the world of Sanctuary.



Origin: The Necromancers, also known as the Priests of Rathma, come from the jungles of the East. They are a group of scholarly and reclusive individuals who maintain the balance between the forces of life and death. They draw their power from the Plane of the Dead and are neither purely evil nor purely good.

Appearance: The Necromancer is often seen in dark robes, adorned with bones and other symbols of death. He carries a staff, dagger, or wand, and his appearance exudes an aura of mystery and foreboding.

Gameplay and Abilities:

  • Summoning Spells: The Necromancer can raise the dead to serve him. This includes summoning skeletons, skeletal mages, golems, and even reviving fallen enemies to fight on his behalf.
  • Poison and Bone Spells: This skill tree focuses on direct damage and control spells. Skills like “Bone Spear” and “Bone Spirit” hurl deadly projectiles, while “Corpse Explosion” uses the bodies of fallen foes to deal area damage.
  • Curses: These are debuff spells that weaken enemies or enhance the damage they take. For instance, “Amplify Damage” increases the damage enemies receive, and “Dim Vision” blinds them.

Unique Mechanic: The Necromancer’s ability to command an army of undead minions sets him apart. He can strategically use his minions to tank damage, control the battlefield, and deal damage to foes.

Lore: The Necromancers worship the Great Cycle of Being and believe in maintaining the balance between life and death. They view the undead not as abominations, but as tools to achieve their goals. They are often misunderstood by the common folk due to their macabre practices, but their intentions are to preserve the balance of the world.

In summary, the Necromancer is a master of the dark arts, manipulating the forces of life and death to his advantage. Whether he’s cursing foes, hurling bone projectiles, or commanding an army of the undead, the Necromancer offers a unique and strategic playstyle, making him a formidable force in the world of Sanctuary.



Origin: The Sorceresses hail from the Zann Esu Clan, a mysterious and ancient order of female mages. They are known for their mastery over elemental magics and are highly respected for their knowledge and power.

Appearance: The Sorceress is typically seen in robes that signify her magical prowess, often adorned with symbols and runes. She carries a staff, orb, or wand as her primary weapon, and her presence radiates arcane energy.

Gameplay and Abilities:

  • Cold Spells: This skill tree focuses on ice and frost magics. Skills like “Frozen Orb” release a sphere of ice shards, and “Blizzard” rains down icy comets on foes. These spells often have the added effect of slowing or freezing enemies.
  • Lightning Spells: This tree harnesses the power of electricity. Spells like “Chain Lightning” can jump between targets, and “Thunder Storm” creates an electrical storm around the Sorceress.
  • Fire Spells: Embracing the power of flames, this skill tree includes spells like “Fireball” and “Meteor.” These spells are known for their high damage output and area-of-effect capabilities.

Unique Mechanic: The Sorceress’s elemental mastery allows her to adapt to different situations by choosing the right element for the job. Each elemental tree offers a distinct playstyle, and players can specialize in one or mix and match skills from different trees.

Lore: The Sorceresses of the Zann Esu Clan are dedicated to preserving the balance of magic in the world. They undergo rigorous training to master the elemental forces and often venture out to confront magical disturbances and demonic threats.

In summary, the Sorceress is a powerful spellcaster, wielding the forces of fire, ice, and lightning to decimate her foes. Her versatility in choosing the right element for different challenges, combined with her vast arcane knowledge, makes her a formidable adversary in the dark world of Sanctuary.

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