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Dota 2 Characters

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Dota 2 has an entire roster of unforgettable characters in the video game. You can play various heroes from Dota 2 to improve your abilities and perform stunning kills. Characters in the strategy game have a unique set of skills that make them a joy to discover.

Players can unlock a number of cosmetic items and Arcanas for their Dota 2 characters to turn each game into a special match. Many of the heroes in the game have a mysterious lore that adds to their charm. With over 100 heroes in Dota 2, you can spend months together playing different characters without being stressed about the outcome.

Here are 10 of the most unforgettable Dota 2 characters that you can play on PC. 


pudge dota 2

Pudge is an iconic character in Dota 2. He has green hair that makes him instantly recognizable in esports tournaments. The Butcher can pull any enemy hero from a far distance with one simple click using Meat Hook. Pudge is a mid hero, known for taking part in team fights early in his Dota 2 matches

Beginners to the multiplayer game might be scared of facing Pudge in battles. His menacing looks can send chills down the spine of his enemies. Pudge can slow down the movement speed of enemy units around him by activating Rot during his matches. You can easily isolate your opponents by hiding in forests covered by mist. Buying items like a Blink Dagger can baffle your enemies before they can retreat to their bases. 


lina dota 2

Lina can scorch the screen with her attacks. The red-haired lady frequently nukes her foes with spells like Dragon Slave to ward off enemy creeps in her lane. Her playful voice sounds soothing to the ears as she melts her enemies with her abilities. 

Having Lina in your team is a tremendous advantage in Dota 2. She can warm the hearts of her allies by walking around them to assist in battles. You can destroy your opponents with spells that stun multiple enemies at once. Gamers love to cast her ulti in Dota 2 to eliminate enemies within seconds. 


axe dota 2

Axe is a tank hero who can withstand vast amounts of damage. The mighty ogre is trained to move forward into battles to distract his enemies. Spells like Berserker’s Call let your allies obliterate enemies without getting hit. 

Blade Mail is an item that stacks incredibly well for Axe. Watching spikes appear out of Axe’s body can be wildly entertaining in Dota 2. The right combination of Berserker’s Call, Blade Mail, and Culling Blade can deal lethal damage to enemies, forcing them to hug the tower for safety while fighting the Strength hero. 


abbadon dota 2

Abaddon has an ethereal appearance with a haunting presence. He rides his steed into battles to thrust his sword into enemies. He can easily silence his enemies, stripping them of their ability to cast spells by striking them with his sword. 

He is a trusty ally in Dota 2, able to protect his teammates with ease. Abaddon can apply Aphotic Shields on allied units to guard them from incoming damage. He can also heal his friends to restore a significant amount of health, providing a chance to escape. 

Drow Ranger

drow ranger dota 2

Drow Ranger can release Frost Arrows to restrain the movement of her enemies. Her outfits lend her a mystical appearance that might be unsettling to the faint-hearted. She can draw her bow and shoot arrows to hit a number of heroes, making her a threat to the enemy team. 

Her skills and Marksmanship are felt deeply by her foes who are foolish enough to stand in her way. If you see Drow Ranger running towards you, teleport yourself to safety and save gold. 


juggernaut dota 2

Juggernaut slashes his opponents with quick strikes to gain free kills in Dota 2. He wears a mask that prevents enemies from calculating his next moves. The carry hero can spin his blades to mitigate enemies around him. Juggernaut can place a Healing Ward at any time to replenish the health of his allies. His critical hits and mastery of the blade are remembered fondly by his fans around the world. 


luna dota 2

Luna can chase her enemies and cast Lucent Beams to get Killing Sprees. Her armor and weapons are blue, derived from the coolness of the night. She is favored by the Goddess Selemene who looks over her during crucial battles in Dota 2. Casting Eclipse can wipe out an entire enemy team, proving that Luna is an unforgettable character for new and seasoned players.  


razor dota 2

Razor is an electrifying hero to play in esports competitions. He can unleash a Plasma Field that looks magnificent in Dota 2 matches. The Lightning Revenant delivers his lines with a crisp voice that lasts long after victories have been claimed. He can drain the attack damage of his enemies, adding loads of damage to his attacks. Razor can create storms at will to punish his opponents. 

Skywrath Mage

skywrath mage dota 2

Skywrath Mage can vaporize his enemies without touching the ground. Every increase in his Intelligence deals more damage to his opponents as the game progresses. He can cripple his enemies with his spells and silence them during team fights. His ulti, Mystic Flare, can strike down weakened enemies to crush them for instant kills. 

Night Stalker

night stalker dota 2

Night Stalker is a devil by day and a demon by night. He gains a massive boost to his attack speed and movement speed during the night, transforming the Night Stalker into a voracious death dealer in Dota 2. You can change the time of the game to nighttime at any moment using Dark Ascension, giving Night Stalker the ability to fly and frighten his enemies. 

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