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HBO’s critically acclaimed drama series Succession, the Succession characters have captivated audiences worldwide with its portrayal of the Roy family’s power struggles and corporate machinations. With an ensemble cast that boasts some of the industry’s finest actors, the show has generated a legion of devoted fans who eagerly await each new episode. One of the key elements that make Succession so compelling is its well-crafted characters, each of whom is memorable in their own way.

In this article, we will examine the ten best characters from Succession, exploring their unique personalities, motivations, and contributions to the show’s narrative. From the domineering patriarch Logan Roy to the ambitious heir apparent Kendall, and the cunning daughter Shiv to the wild and impulsive younger brother Roman, each character brings their own strengths and weaknesses to the Roy family’s complex web of relationships. By analyzing these characters, we hope to gain a deeper understanding of what makes Succession such a remarkable television series.

Succession Characters:

Logan Roy: The Patriarch and CEO of Waystar Royco

Logan Roy

Logan Roy, as the head of a powerful media conglomerate, is a complex and compelling character whose actions and decisions have far-reaching consequences for both his family and the business he built. He is a formidable leader who is not afraid to make tough decisions, even if they are unpopular. Logan’s leadership style is characterized by his assertiveness, his willingness to take risks, and his ability to think strategically. He is a shrewd businessman who is always looking for ways to expand his empire and stay ahead of the competition.

Logan’s family dynamics are complicated, as his relationships with his children are strained and fraught with tension. He is a distant and demanding father who expects nothing but the best from his children, often pitting them against each other in a ruthless and cutthroat competition for his approval. Despite his flaws, Logan’s legacy is undeniable, as he has built a media empire that is the envy of his peers. His business strategies are often controversial and ruthless, but they have proven to be effective in securing his position as one of the most powerful and influential figures in the industry.

Ultimately, Logan Roy is a fascinating character whose complexity and contradictions make him a compelling figure to watch.

Kendall Roy: The Ambitious and Troubled Heir Apparent

Kendall Roy

Kendall Roy’s character in the show demonstrates the complex and tumultuous journey of a young, ambitious heir apparent struggling to prove himself worthy of taking over his father’s empire. Throughout the series, Kendall’s psyche is explored in depth as he navigates the cut-throat world of business and the battle for succession within his family. He is plagued by addiction struggles, which add an additional layer of complexity to his character and his relationships with his family members.

Kendall’s evolution throughout the series is noticeable, as he transforms from a cocky and entitled young man to a broken and vulnerable individual. He is constantly at odds with his father and siblings, but also seeks their approval and validation. Kendall’s addiction struggles reach a climax in the season two finale, where he hits rock bottom and must face the consequences of his actions. Despite his flaws, Kendall remains a compelling and sympathetic character, whose journey of self-discovery and redemption is sure to captivate viewers.

Shiv Roy: The Cunning and Calculating Daughter

Shiv Roy

Shiv Roy’s character in the show portrays a shrewd and strategic daughter who navigates the complex power dynamics within her family’s business empire. Shiv is the youngest of the Roy siblings, and her cunning nature and calculated approach to decision-making make her a force to be reckoned with. She is often seen as the strategic mastermind within the Roy family, using her intelligence and wit to manipulate situations to her advantage.

Shiv’s relationships with her family members are complex and often strained, particularly with her father, Logan Roy. She struggles to gain his approval and recognition, which fuels her political ambitions. Shiv has expressed her desire to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a powerful figure in the business world.

However, her parental issues and the constant power struggles within the Roy family dynamics make her journey to the top a rocky one. Despite this, Shiv’s character remains intriguing, with her sharp mind and calculated approach to life making her a standout character in the HBO series.

Roman Roy: The Wild and Impulsive Younger Brother

Roman Roy

The portrayal of Roman Roy as a wild and impulsive younger brother adds a layer of unpredictability and chaos to the already complex power dynamics within the Roy family, leaving the audience on edge and eager to see what he will do next. Roman’s impulsive actions often lead to conflict with his siblings, particularly Kendall, as they jockey for position within their father’s media empire. Sibling rivalry runs deep within the Roy family, and Roman’s impulsive nature only exacerbates these tensions, making it difficult to predict who will come out on top.

Despite his wild and unpredictable nature, Roman’s character growth throughout the series is evident. As he navigates the power struggles within his family, he begins to realize the importance of calculated decision-making and strategic planning. His initial reluctance to take on a leadership role in the company gives way to a newfound sense of responsibility as he begins to recognize the potential consequences of his actions.

While his impulsive nature may still get the best of him at times, Roman’s growth as a character adds a layer of depth to the already complex family dynamics portrayed in the show.

Tom Wamsgans: The Awkward and Insecure Husband of Shiv

Tom Wamsgans

Tom Wamsgans’ portrayal as an awkward and insecure husband adds a layer of realism to the complex web of relationships depicted in the show, highlighting the human vulnerabilities and insecurities that exist within even the most powerful and privileged families.

Throughout the series, we see Tom struggle with his own insecurities, unsure of his place within the Roy family and constantly seeking validation from Shiv, his wife. His comedic relief brings a lighter tone to the show, but also serves as a contrast to the darker and more intense moments of the series, making Tom’s character an integral part of the overall dynamic.

The dynamics of Tom and Shiv’s relationship are also noteworthy, as they navigate their individual desires and ambitions while trying to maintain their marriage. Tom’s struggle for power within the family and his moral ambiguity add to his complexity as a character, making him more than just a caricature of an awkward and insecure husband.

His actions and decisions may not always align with his moral compass, but they are a reflection of the cutthroat nature of the Roy family and the lengths they will go to maintain their power and wealth. Overall, Tom’s character brings a unique perspective and dimension to the show, making him a standout among the best characters of Succession.

Greg Hirsch: The Bumbling and Endearing Cousin

Greg Hirsch

Greg Hirsch’s portrayal as a bumbling and endearing cousin adds a layer of comedic relief to the intense power struggles of the Roy family, providing a refreshing perspective on the cutthroat world of business and family politics. His awkwardness and naivety make him an unlikely candidate for success, but his loyalty to the family and willingness to do whatever it takes to climb the corporate ladder make him a valuable asset to the Roy empire.

Greg’s evolution throughout the series is fascinating to watch, as he transforms from a timid and uncertain young man to a confident and cunning player in the family’s power games.

One of the most interesting aspects of Greg’s character is his dynamic with the other cousins, particularly Kendall and Roman. Despite being the outsider, Greg manages to work his way into their inner circle and become a trusted confidant. His relationship with Tom, his uncle by marriage, is also noteworthy, as it highlights the complexities of family politics and the blurred lines between personal and professional relationships.

Overall, Greg’s rise to power may have been unconventional, but his comedic relief and unique perspective make him one of the standout characters in the series.

Gerri Kellman: The Loyal and Level-Headed General Counsel

Gerri Kellman

Gerri Kellman’s composed and steadfast demeanor as the Roy family’s general counsel embodies a sense of stability amidst the tumultuous world of high-stakes corporate maneuvering and political intrigue. As the Roy family’s legal advisor, Gerri’s role is to provide sound legal advice and representation for the family’s interests. Her loyalty to the family is unwavering, and she often goes above and beyond her job description to ensure their success.

Gerri’s leadership within the company is also notable. She is often the voice of reason during board meetings and is not afraid to speak her mind, even if it means going against the wishes of the Roy family. Her relationships with the other characters are complex, but she is respected and admired by many, including Tom Wambsgans and Shiv Roy. Gerri’s impact on the show is significant, as she is one of the few characters who consistently displays integrity and moral fiber in a world where those qualities are often sacrificed for power and money.

Frank Vernon: The Gruff and Experienced COO

frank vernon

Frank Vernon’s gruff and no-nonsense demeanor as the Chief Operating Officer of Waystar Royco provides a stark contrast to the polished and calculated personas of the Roy family, adding a layer of realism to the cutthroat world of corporate power struggles depicted in the show. Vernon is a seasoned executive with years of experience in the industry, and his leadership style is characterized by his tough exterior and his ability to make hard decisions quickly. He is not afraid to speak his mind and is not easily intimidated, which makes him a formidable opponent in any corporate battle.

When comparing Vernon to Logan Roy, the patriarch of the Roy family and the founder of Waystar Royco, it is clear that Vernon holds a significant amount of power within the company. While Logan may be the ultimate decision-maker, Vernon is the one who executes many of the day-to-day operations of the business.

Over the course of the show, Vernon’s character evolves from a supporting player to a key player in the succession plot, and his relationship with other characters, such as Tom Wamsgans and Shiv Roy, becomes increasingly complex. In short, Frank Vernon is a crucial character in the show, and his gruff exterior and tough leadership style add a layer of authenticity to the cutthroat world of corporate power struggles.

Marcia Roy: The Mysterious and Enigmatic Wife of Logan

Marcia Roy

Marcia Roy’s elusive and enigmatic demeanor as Logan’s wife adds a layer of intrigue to the already complex dynamics of the Roy family and their corporate empire. Her character exudes a sense of mystery that keeps the audience guessing about her true intentions and loyalties. Marcia is a reserved and private individual, and her enigmatic personality only adds to the fascination surrounding her character.

Despite being married to Logan, the patriarch of the Roy family, Marcia’s secrets and motivations remain largely unknown. Her subtle yet powerful presence in the show suggests that she holds significant influence over Logan, and her actions often lead to the unraveling of mysteries that surround the Roy family. It will be interesting to see how her character develops in future episodes and how her role in the family’s power struggle will unfold.

Noah Roy: The Wealthy and Eccentric Family Patriarch

Noah Roy

The introduction of Cousin Greg’s grandfather as the wealthy and eccentric family patriarch adds a new dimension to the already complex web of power dynamics within the Roy family. As a member of the older generation, he holds a significant influence over the family’s inheritance issues and legacy planning. This has created a power struggle between him and the younger members of the family, who are keen on securing their positions in the company and gaining control over the family fortune.

The introduction of Cousin Greg’s grandfather also highlights the importance of family dynamics in the show’s narrative. The Roy family is a dysfunctional one, with each member vying for power, attention, and control. The grandfather’s presence only adds to this dysfunction, as he brings his own set of eccentricities and idiosyncrasies to the table. As the story unfolds, it will be interesting to see how his character develops and how he fits into the larger narrative of the show.

Sandy Furness: The Ruthless and Cutthroat Rival CEO

Sandy Furness

Sandy Furness’s portrayal as a ruthless and cutthroat rival CEO adds a palpable tension to the already high-stakes world of corporate power struggles in the hit HBO series, Succession. His power plays and boardroom battles against the Roy family, coupled with his use of cutthroat tactics and corporate espionage, make for an intense viewing experience.

Furness’s ruthless leadership style and willingness to do whatever it takes to win makes him an intriguing and formidable opponent for the Roy family. His character adds depth to the show’s exploration of the corrupt and ruthless nature of corporate power, as viewers watch the Roy family navigate the complex world of business while constantly trying to stay one step ahead of Furness and his team. Overall, Sandy Furness is a compelling character in the Succession series, and his portrayal as a ruthless rival CEO adds to the show’s overall appeal and suspense.


The HBO series Succession is a gripping drama that explores the inner workings of a wealthy and powerful family. The show features a cast of dynamic and complex characters that keep viewers engaged and invested in their stories. From Logan Roy, the patriarch and CEO of Waystar Royco, to Sandy Furness, the ruthless and cutthroat rival CEO, each character brings their own unique traits and motivations to the table.

Despite their flaws and shortcomings, the characters in Succession are all captivating in their own way. From the ambitious and troubled heir apparent Kendall Roy to the cunning and calculating daughter Shiv Roy, each character has their own strengths and weaknesses that make them compelling to watch. Whether you’re a fan of intense family dramas or just enjoy well-written characters, Succession is a must-watch series that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

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