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The Until Dawn characters star in an enthralling and immersive interactive survival horror game that captivates players with its gripping storyline, compelling characters, and intense decision-making. Set in a remote mountain lodge, the game unfolds a chilling tale of mystery, suspense, and supernatural elements, presenting players with a series of harrowing choices that directly impact the fates of the characters.

As players navigate through a web of intricate relationships, sinister secrets, and terrifying encounters, “Until Dawn” offers a unique and adrenaline-pumping gaming experience that blurs the lines between traditional storytelling and interactive gameplay.

This article delves into the rich tapestry of “Until Dawn,” exploring its innovative narrative structure, the intricacies of its characters, and the spine-tingling atmosphere that keeps players on the edge of their seats. From its cinematic presentation to its branching storylines, “Until Dawn” stands as a testament to the power of interactive storytelling in the gaming world.

Until Dawn Characters List

Jessica Riley

Jessica Riley

Jessica is portrayed in-game as confident, trusting, and irreverent, embodying a typical provocative and brash personality with aspirations of becoming a model. Her demeanor is typically laid-back, flirty, and playful, often giving nicknames and maintaining an immature attitude. However, when provoked, she can display defensiveness and fierceness, albeit caring deeply for animals, showing distress after killing a bird and witnessing a mauled deer.

Open about her sexuality, Jessica openly discusses her relationship with Mike and her use of seduction as a defense mechanism for her insecurities, depending on player choices.

A stunning bottle blonde with a mischievous nature, fun is at the core of Jessica’s being. Always the life of the party, she’s anything but shy and managed to capture Mike’s attention, leading to his breakup with Emily to be with her.

Initially aspiring to be a cheerleader after a childhood in ballet, Jessica realized the commitment required and shifted her focus, opting for a more carefree approach to life.

The Wendigos


The original Wendigo legends trace back to the First Nation tribes dwelling on Mount Madahee from the 1400s to the 1850s. The Cree held the mountain in reverence, avoiding hunting in the area, believing it would bring misfortune, and considering any harm to the mountain itself to result in a terrible curse.

The arrival of European explorers and mining endeavors in 1893 led to the excavation of the mountain. The discovery of tin and later radium prompted further digging into the sacred grounds, an act that the Cree believed caused the mountain to cry out and unleashed the Wendigo spirits. Over time, many fell victim to the curse, hunted by The Stranger’s grandfather, including the fierce Makkapitew.

As word of the mountain’s abundant resources spread, more prospectors arrived. The Blasting Crew, establishing mining operations in the winter of 1951-1952, tragically faced disaster. Many miners were left trapped, leading to starvation and horrifying events where dozens were murdered and cannibalized. Those who survived through cannibalism turned into Wendigos.

The Psycho


The Psycho dons a menacing ensemble, clad in a metal black jumpsuit, a mask concealing identity, and a blood-splattered thick, stuffed suit with overalls and grey gloves. Underneath, he sports a jean shirt with rolled-up sleeves and a long-sleeve brown shirt. A brown tool belt adorns his waist, carrying various tools, and depending on player choices, he might wield a gas cylinder or needle while pursuing Sam.

His skull-like mask features thin black eyebrows, jade-black spiked side cracks for sight, and a nose crack for breathing. The mouth design reveals bubblegum-pink gums with yellowish-white “rotten” teeth. The mask’s base, a dirty white, appears crafted from silicone, glass, or porcelain.

The Psycho’s personality is depicted with severe psychological issues, paranoia, hallucinations, and feelings of loneliness and isolation. He exhibits a penchant for torture, particularly towards the protagonists, and displays stalker-like tendencies preceding his penchant for torment and cruelty.


Samantha Giddings

Sam is depicted in-game as diligent, considerate, and adventurous, standing out as the most level-headed and amiable member of the group. Despite her spunky and occasionally strong-willed personality, she tends to avoid causing drama within the group.

Caring deeply for her friends, especially Hannah after the ill-fated prank, Sam exudes warmth and genuine concern. Her passion for animals and nature aligns with her dream job as a conservationist, embodying her dedication to environmental causes, emphasized by her vegan lifestyle.

Unfazed by mockery and unafraid to be herself, Sam stands as a pacifist, disliking conflict and violence but willing to fight if necessary to protect herself and her friends. Her resourcefulness and resilience shine through in high-pressure situations, displaying remarkable calmness and decisiveness.

Brave and resolute, Sam refuses to let fear control or alter her character. Considered a bit quirky by her peers, she remains comfortable in her own skin, showcasing her strong will and an unwavering nature. The mountain getaway serves as an opportunity for Sam to rec


Matthew Taylor

Matt’s character in-game is described as motivated, ambitious, and active, mainly due to his passion for sports. Despite his strong appearance, he exudes friendliness and is often regarded as the group’s ‘good guy,’ exhibiting a big heart and a knack for staying out of troublesome situations.

However, Matt is portrayed as having low bravery, often seen as a pushover, particularly in his relationship with Emily, to whom he remains fiercely loyal. This loyalty sometimes results in an imbalanced dynamic, with Emily possibly taking advantage of his accommodating nature.

Despite his perceived cowardly side, Matt’s brave streak emerges when it comes to the safety and well-being of those close to him. He’s willing to take risks and put himself in harm’s way to protect others.

As the high school’s star linebacker, Matt hopes for a sports scholarship to a top college, given that his GPA might not meet the required standards. While typically embodying a ‘big friendly giant’ persona, it’s wise to steer clear when he’s upset or angered.

His loyalty to Emily appears unwavering, sometimes resulting in an unbalanced relationship dynamic where he tends to comply with her wishes without question.


Michael Munroe

Mike is depicted in-game as intelligent, driven, and persuasive, known for his promiscuity and aversion to commitment despite his love for women. His character is complex, showcasing traits of fear and a deep concern for his friends’ well-being.

According to a hallucination of Dr. Hill, Mike harbors a fear of isolation, though this might be a misrepresentation from the patient’s perspective. Instead, his fears seem to revolve around misfortune befalling his friends or their relationships fracturing, evident in his concern about Emily turning into a Wendigo, distrust toward Chris, and disbelief in Hannah’s actions.

Initially perceived as self-absorbed, vain, and stereotypically ‘jock-ish,’ Mike’s character evolves throughout the game. Despite his narcissistic streak, he emerges as a brave and resourceful individual, willingly risking his life to aid his friends and ensure their survival.

Described as good-looking, smooth-talking, and a notorious ladykiller, Mike’s romantic history sometimes causes friction within his circle of friends. Despite his narcissistic tendencies, he’s a man of action, always volunteering and eager to take charge in critical situations. His need for attention and his penchant for being the one to get things done are defining aspects of his personality.


Christopher Hartley

Chris embodies traits of being methodical, protective, and humorous, with a penchant for charity, humor, and curiosity. His affable nature and witty humor, often marked by dad jokes, might sometimes be off-putting to his friends, but he remains analytical and unswayed by the supernatural.

A lover of gadgets, Chris is deeply connected to technology, dreaming of a career in app design. He thrives on internet access and finds solace in his phone, a constant companion in his life.

Throughout the events in Until Dawn, Chris’s protective nature shines through as he prioritizes his friends’ safety, notably in his determination to find Sam and his risk-taking to rescue Josh. Depending on player choices, he may even sacrifice himself to save Ashley from one of the Psycho’s traps, revealing his deep care for her.

Despite his close bond with Ashley, Chris struggles to articulate his true feelings, becoming the subject of teasing by Josh. Loyal, analytical, and unflinchingly courageous, Chris balances his love for gadgets with a profound concern for his friends’ well-being.

Emily Davis

Emily Davis

Emily is characterized as intelligent, resourceful, and persuasive, known for her sharp wit and cutting remarks among the group. Confident in her abilities, she flaunts her 4.0 GPA and aspires to become a magazine style editor, driven by a passion for fashion and a dislike for not getting her way.

Her quick temper and confrontational nature surface when opinions differ, often displaying a narcissistic attitude. Emily firmly believes in being “always right” and shifts blame away from herself, adept at redirecting conversations to maintain the upper hand.

Despite her adamant personality, when faced with danger, Emily reveals a vulnerable side, seeking protection from others but displaying courage and independence when alone.

Beneath her exterior, Emily harbors deep remorse for the disappearance of Beth and Hannah, echoing her underlying fear of failure during sessions with Dr. Hill.

Immaculately dressed, Emily values appearance greatly, considering good taste paramount and willingly investing in her wardrobe. Her current relationship with Matt stems from a rebound after being dumped by Mike, showcasing a vulnerable aspect to her otherwise assertive persona.

Joshua Washington

Joshua Washington

Josh Washington is a multifaceted individual, described as thoughtful, loving, and complex. Despite his struggles with the disappearance of his sisters, Hannah and Beth, his interactions with fellow survivors often carry a humorous tone, reflecting his caring nature and desire to ensure everyone’s enjoyment.

Acting as a brotherly figure to Chris, Josh is deeply invested in fostering a sense of camaraderie among the group. His aspirations to follow in his father’s footsteps as a film producer imbue him with a wealth of knowledge in special effects and movie props, often peppering his speech with phrases from films.

However, beneath his affable exterior lies a profound struggle with depression and mental illness that surfaced long before the traumatic events on Blackwood Mountain. Diagnosed with mental illness since the age of 11, his medications primarily target depression, yet his experiences have also led to symptoms resembling psychosis and schizophrenia, fostering a disconnection from reality.

Seeking solace in his confidante Sam following the loss of his sisters, Josh’s fears of isolation manifest in his anxieties and insecurities, unearthed during therapy sessions with Dr. Hill.

Despite his party-animal streak, Josh’s warm and friendly persona ultimately endeavors to ensure everyone’s well-being and a memorable experience amidst their challenging circumstances in Until Dawn.

Ashley Brown

Ashley Brown

Ashley is depicted as an academic, inquisitive, and forthright individual in the game. Despite her friendly nature, she harbors discomfort returning to the Washington Lodge after the previous year’s events. Her feelings toward Chris, which she keeps hidden, motivate her actions during the evening. Observant and perceptive, Ashley notices significant clues, yet her imagination sometimes gets the better of her, leading her to believe in supernatural occurrences.

Compared to her more relaxed friends, Ashley tends to be polite, serious, and hesitant. She’s not as quick to swear or take charge, often following others’ decisions. Her timidity and lack of self-confidence become evident throughout the night as she becomes increasingly distressed and scared by the perilous events, showing reluctance at times. However, Chris’s encouragement often instills courage in her to push forward despite her fears.

Despite her initial meekness, Ashley’s personality can be significantly shaped by player choices. While involved in the prank against Hannah, she plays a lesser role and can express regret for her involvement. The player’s decisions can also influence her reactions, showcasing a potential vengeful side or a more forgiving and compassionate nature, ultimately impacting her interactions and outcomes within the game.

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